Sony's RX100 VI - You Really Can Have it All


Seawood Photo has been an advocate of Sony's cameras for several years now.  We stand by their mirrorless systems and their compact cameras, firmly believing that they are the best the current market has to offer.  The Sony RX100 VI is no exception.  The sixth version of their high-end point and shoot seems to encompass everything a true photographer wants in a pocketable camera. 


Until now, every camera in the RX100 series has offered a 24-70mm Zeiss T* zoom lens.  The RX100 V was an f1.8-2.8.  The most notable difference between this camera and the MVI is that the VI now has a 24-200mm f2.8-4.5 Zeiss T* zoom lens, which can be expanded to 32x with digital zoom, while still keeping the 20mp resolution.  It leaves me wondering, who needs a bridge camera anymore?  Sure, you can get bridge cameras with 60 or 80x zoom now, but they are so much heavier and bulkier than these guys, and who wants that for travel?  Plus, with the well known 1" image sensor, even if you can't zoom in as far as you'd like, you've got plenty of room to crop in without losing too much quality.  Until now, Sony was favoring the faster aperture over the zoom range, however I feel that for most people, zoom range is much more important in a travel friendly camera.

A few more note worthy additions to the new version include an improved image stabilizer, AF improvements, a touch screen (finally!), and the fact that the LCD screen can now tilt DOWN 90 degrees.  As much as I love the previous versions of this camera, it was rather irritating to not be able to tilt the screen down.  I mean, how are you supposed to take decent concert shots in a crowd? 

Long story short, this little guy is proving to be the ultimate do-it-all-in-one-camera camera.  It seems to take a piece of all the best features from Sony's full line up and combine them into one tiny, awesome package. There are even more brand new features which I have listed below, along with a small gallery of sample images.  All of the images are unedited JPEGS, except for the cat portraits which have a little contrast and color correction added.

So, is it the PERFECT compact camera?  We'll leave that up to you...come see it at Seawood Photo.

More features not mentioned above:

-High-density AF tracking (concentrates AF point around a subject)

-New my menu section in interface where you can shortcut favorite settings

-Slightly better battery life

-Ability to set different zoom speeds (slow, fast, medium)

-New auto monitor off to save battery (2, 5 or 10 seconds)

-Longer flash range (5.9m on MV vs. 10.2m on MVI)

-New image processor

Come in and see it for yourself!




Portrait Mode

Portrait Mode