Retro Camera Love

Rad is for retro! From an array of pastel hues of the 60's toy cameras to the all metal bodies of the 50's box cameras, you can step back in time and have fun with these simple and easy to use cameras! 

The Bell and Howell Electric Eye was introduced in 1958 and was one of the first cameras in the world to have full automatic exposure! Using a selenium cell battery to automatically control the aperture or using the aperture slider hidden underneath the nameplate below the lens, this camera is very unique! Listed below are a few specs of this beauty..

Takes 127 Film

4x4 Format

Single fixed shutter speed

All metal body

2 film settings ( B+W or Color) which are controlled by a dial on the side of the viewfinder

A Red flag will appear in the viewfinder if there is insufficient light!

Retro Design with a denim-like covering

Great Value! ($30-40)



It's Electric!


Black & White photos taken on the Bell & Howell Electric Eye Camera!